Thursday, September 24, 2009

Test-Taking Strategies

Next week is the middle of Trimester 1 here at Mark Twain, which means we have a Language Arts test, as Science Test and a Math Test all in one week. Today we covered some good strategies for a taking a reading comprension test. We talked about how reading in a test is different than reading a book for pleasure or even information, so we need to approach it differently. Here are some strategies that can help us attack a test.

1. Read the Questions First
2. Highlight or underline key words or phrases in the questions.
3. Read the passage 2 - 3 times.
4. Highlight key words or phrases in the passage that relate to the questions.
5. Read the questions again and ALL of the answer choices.
6. Eliminate the wrong answers.
7. Choose the correct answer and mark it.

We are practicing these techniques now, and will continue to review them throughout the year.

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