Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our class guardian

Thanks to the Sweatts for adding to my Star Wars collection! I love my new Yoda. He has a place of honor at the front of the class. Watch us he will.

We learned a new song this week in science to help us to remember how resistors, conductors and insulators help us use electricity. It is sung to the tune of "How Much is That Doggy in the Window"

Electricity Helpers

Resistors, conductors, insulators
Help us use electricity
Resistors, conductors, insulators
Help us use electricity

Resistors slow down the electrons
Then change them to heat, light and motion
Resistors slow down the current
Then changes it to other forms
Conductors help move the electrons
To places far and near
Conductors are metals like copper
Help charges flow smoothly for us
Insulators stop electric charges
From going where they shouldn’t be
Insulators like rubber and plastic
Keep us safe, you and me

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