Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Mark Twain teachers are learning a new tool today called Moodle.
Hopefully if we can learn it well, next year we will be able to use a lot less paper and will be doing more on computers. It is already being used by students, teachers and parents at John Muir and Corcoran High Schoool. We will be able to post study guides, class work, home work, as well as blog and chat with each other.


  1. What is moodle

  2. What is Moodle is it a website for school

  3. Moodle is a way to put everything we do online so that we don't have to use paper anymore. All the stuff I do on the computer in class will be online. All the homework will be online. The calendar, lists of work, letters to parents, everything will be done online. It will save a lot of trees and if you forget something at school accidently or on purpose, you can go online and get another copy.